success story: Gabriela (Part 2)

This isn’t Gabriela’s first success story with Southam Law. About a year ago, Southam Law helped Gabriela renew her DACA status. This was helpful in anticipation of what came next: a green card. Gabriela entered the US as a young child and grew up in the US. In short, she’s a DREAMer. She married a US citizen, but could not become a lawful permanent resident (that is, get a green card) in the US because she didn’t have a lawful entry. Under current policy, she had to go to Mexico to get an immigrant visa. But fortunately, her prior DACA authorizations minimized the risks of this trip. After working through all of the applications in the United States, Gabriela and her husband traveled to Juarez, Mexico. She attended her visa interview, and it was quickly approved. She and her husband then returned to the United States, where she is finally a lawful permanent resident, on the path to becoming a US citizen!

(Names changed for privacy purposes.)

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