success story: Joo-Hwan and Eun-Chae

Joo-Hwan and Eun-Chae married in 2013. Because Eun-Chae is a US citizen, she was able to apply for a conditional green card for Joo-Hwan. The couple came to Keith at Southam Law to remove conditions on Joo-Hwan’s green card. Keith helped the couple gather proof of the truthful nature of their marriage and to file a timely application.

The application was filed in March 2017, but during 2017, everything at immigration stalled. Joo-Hwan was initially given a receipt that extended his green card for 12 months. But as the 12-month window approached, Joo-Hwan worried about how he could prove his green card status without a new green card itself. Keith advised Joo-Hwan about procedures to visit a local office for a temporary green card stamp. Joo-Hwan was able to get two temporary stamps and to travel to and from South Korea on the stamps. Finally, after 19 months, immigration approved the application. Joo-Hwan’s green card status is unrestricted, and he and Eun-Chae can live permanently in the US and travel freely between the US and South Korea.

(Names changed for privacy purposes.)

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