success story: Merjem and Adam

Merjem came to the US for graduate study at a major university. At school, she met Adam, a fellow student in her department. The two started spending more and more time together, and realized that they were a couple in love. They started hanging out with each other’s friends and family. Adam even traveled to Merjem’s home country to meet her family. Adam eventually accepted a job in Chicago, and the two had to live separately for a while. When Merjem finished her coursework and began to focus on her dissertation, she moved to Chicago to be with Adam. They decided to get married and to apply for a green card for Merjem. Their friend recommended Keith at Southam Law for this process.

Keith met with Adam and Merjem to review their case. The only real concern was a question of timing. Though they had officially married already, they hadn’t yet had a big wedding celebration. In fact, they planned to celebrate twice: once in the US and once in Merjem’s home country. Keith helped them time their application so that they could keep their various travel commitments without delaying the immigration process. A small hiccup happened with Merjem’s medical exam, but in the end, the efforts paid off. Merjem’s green card was approved the same day as their immigration interview. Merjem now has a green card, and she and Adam can focus on their two upcoming wedding celebrations!

(Names changed for privacy purposes.)

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