success story: Naziha and James

Naziha came to the US several years ago as a student. Naziha was married at that time but things were rocky, and ultimately she decided to divorce her husband. Her husband and his family had previously been gruff with Naziha, and their attitude only worsened after the divorce. Naziha continued to live and study in the US. She eventually also had a falling-out with her own family, and that’s when Naziha began to worry for her safety in her home country.

She contacted Keith Southam at his prior office to help her apply for asylum based on the fear of what would happen to her as a divorced woman without strong family support in a conservative country. As she waited through the asylum process, a friend introduced her to James. The two started dating and began to fall in love. Naziha and James married, and they turned to Keith (now at Southam Law) to help them apply for a marriage-based green card. Keith helped them complete the necessary applications, gather strong evidence, and helped prepare them for the marriage interview at immigration.

In the meantime, an asylum interview was scheduled, creating a potential conflict, but with Keith’s help, Naziha was able to postpone the asylum interview. The work and delicate timing finally paid off, and Naziha is now a permanent resident. Naziha no longer need worry about her safety in her home country because she and James can live together securely and permanently in the United States!

(Names changed for privacy purposes.)

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