success story: Rahni immigrates from Canada

Rahni Crotalus is from Canada and first met their spouse while the two were working in Canada. The two hit it off on their first date and have been together since then. They have travelled many times across the US-Canada border to meet friends and family. Eventually they decided to get married and help Rahni move to the US permanently. That is when they came to Keith at Southam Law LLC. Keith help the couple submit an application to sponsor Rahni and later helped them to gather items for an interview in Montreal. One minor hiccup at this stage was a question of a financial sponsor, but the couple was able to ask Rahni’s sister-in-law to be a joint sponsor, and that was no problem after all. Things were going at the normal speed with immigration officials when the pandemic hit. Embassies and consulates around the world closed, and there was uncertainty about when the consulate in Montreal would be able to interview Rahni. Keith helped the couple understand options to continuing to see each other even while waiting and helped Rahni get everything in order for the interview. Eventually the consulate in Montreal was open again for visa appointments. Rahni’s visa was approved just after the interview, and a short time later, Rahni was able to cross the US-Canada border to become a US permanent resident. The couple now happily reside together in the US!

(Names changed for privacy purposes)

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