success story: Yulia

Yulia is from Eastern Europe, but she’s been living in Portugal for several years. Yulia provides IT services for a Chicago-based company that invited her to the US for a business meeting. Yulia and her affiliate company in the US contacted Keith at Southam Law to help Yulia get a B1 visa (a business visitor). Yulia was worried that she would have trouble getting a visa to the US since she is not living in her country of citizenship. Keith helped Yulia and her company understand the rules for B1 visas and how to make a smooth application. Yulia gathered documents that Keith suggested, including proof of her residence in Portugal, proof of her income, and a letter from her affiliate company in the US. Keith also reviewed the online visa application and gave Yulia some tips for the interview. The strategy was a success, and Yulia now has a B1 visa to visit the US!

(Names changed for privacy purposes.)

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