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We love binational couples! Let us help you understand how to apply for permanent residence based on your marriage to a US citizen or a US permanent resident.

Remove conditions

Is your green card valid for only two years? Then you are probably a “conditional resident.” Let us help you remove those conditions so you get a 10-year green card.


If you qualify to become a US citizen, you should apply right away! Not only can you vote and get a US passport, but you can also sponsor other family to move to the US to join you as well.

F-1 status (student status)

Changing to student (F-1) status takes several steps and multiple applications. But we regularly do this, so let us help

H-1B status/visa

A working visa for processionals is an H-1B. Importantly, immigration officials have a strict definition of who can get an H-1B based on job requirements. We can help you pass through these steps.

TN (NAFTA) status/visa

Professionals in Canada, Mexico, and the United States have relatively easy freedom of movement in these countries’ labor markets. We can help you apply for TN visas or TN status under these rules.

E-2 (investor visa)

Many countries have treaties with the US to allow investment. If your country of citizenship has a treaty with the US, and if you have funds to invest in a reasonable business in the US, you can get E-2 status. We can help!


A US employer can sponsor almost any worker for a green card to come or stay in the US. The trick is navigating the advertising/recruitment process.

Hourly Of-Counsel

Keith Southam has over ten years of immigration law experience. If you need one-on-one advice about any immigration issue, we offer hourly of-counsel/consulting help.

Appeals and Motions

Immigration is notorious for mistakes and bad decisions. If you think they overlooked somethings or just plain made a mistaken, we can help you appeal.

RFE response

Some requests from immigration are easy, but some are monsters. We are happy to help you put together a strong and timely response to your RFE.

NOID response

Under the current administration, denials are up. If you got a notice that immigration intends to deny an application, act fast! You typically have only thirty days to respond.

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Southam Law LLC can help you with your immigration needs. We offer services for families, students, business, and other attorneys.

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