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Southam Law LLC is a law office dedicated to keep costs in control for our clients. Your agreement details the services that are included and services that are excluded. This page offers more information about excluded services and extra-cost services.

Excluded Services

Southam Law LLC is unable to provide the following services:

Support with technology

Including troubleshooting your online accounts with immigration offices, your video conferencing software, or any other technology-related concerns

Assistance with non-immigration offices

This includes the Social Security Administration, drivers licenses and state IDs, professional licenses, insurance companies, etc.

Services for detained individuals

Southam Law LLC is not equipped to help individuals in immigration detention. Our online presence and focus on minimizing costs makes us a poor fit for the type of services detained individuals need.

We understand how important these servcies are to you and how delays from immigration officials can cause you harm. Unfortunately, immigration officials are overwhelmed and do not alow inquiries about common delays or non-emergency requests to expedite a case. Southam Law LLC will agree to submit an inquiry or request that immigration officials expedite your case only if you are facing a true life-or-death situation.

Extra-cost Services & Fees

Southam Law LLC charges extra fees for missed appointments and extra services as noted below. You are strongly encouraged to avoid these extra costs by attending all scheduled appointments, returning documents early, and by considering other alternatives.

Missed Appointments

Southam Law LLC charges a $200 fee for a missed appointment. We ask you to cancel any appointment you cannot attend at least 24 hours in advance to avoid this fee.

Last-Minute Mailing

Southam Law LLC charges a $100 fee to submit an application overnight to immigration officials if the urgency is due to your delay in returning necessary items or responding to important emails or calls.


Southam Law LLC charges a minimum of $50 per page of translation and up to $200 per page of translation. At this time, we can offer translations into English from: French, German, or Spanish only. We cannot offer translation services from other languages. Our translations are only for US immigration purposes. They are not professional translations, notarized, or legalized translations. We are not professional translators. Our costs are as follows.

-$50/page for tabular-based documents (like most birth certificates, IDs, bank statements, etc.)
-$100/page for personal statements and witness letters (non-legal documents)
-$150/page for other text-based documents (like text-based birth certificates)
-$200/page for legal documents (such as court orders, company registration)

Alternatives. US immigration officials do not require a professional translation. You are encouraged to work on your own translation (maybe with the help of someone you know). Then someone (not you, not a close family member, not your attorney) must sign a certificate to say that the translation is accurate. You might also consider a professional translation company.

Special Note. If your application has an urgent deadline and you have not obtained translations, Southam Law reserves the right to translate necessary document(s) and charge you the fees noted above in order to meet the deadline.

Address updates

Southam Law LLC must charge a fee to update your address with immigration officials. The process is time consuming. Each person must individually submit a separate address update (electronically) for each pending application with USCIS. If you are applying for asylum, a U-visa, a T-visa, or benefits under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), you must send a physical address update form to immigration officials. If you are in court, you must send the form (usually in paper) to the court and also send a copy of the form to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

If you ask Southam Law LLC to help, we charge $25 per form.

Alternative. An address update is not hard, just time-consuming. You can do this yourself. Search online for “AR-11.” Do a separate AR-11 for each person and each open application. Southam Law LLC is happy to provide you the mailing address for asylum, U-visas, T-visas, and VAWA. If you are in court, you must complete a form EOIR-33/IC. Southam Law LLC is happy to provide you the mailing addresses for the court and for ICE.

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